Herbalife Mauritius Vacation-Alain & his cool frineds!

Posted: June 13, 2006 in 旅行
Emily and I went with Alain to the local area for some local stuff. I didn’t remember the name of what I had but they were great. Only took photos for the stand to remember how they looked like. Went to see his horse and met a big turtle on the ground. They said we could sit on it. Then he demostrated it. Well, the turtle was the first one I met and rode there but later on we found nearly 200 big ones in Crocodile park.  
I came back for their jumping contest at the other night. It was a special experience for me. People around me spoke French which I didn’t know any. Only I could say Bonjour and Merci! Felt I was totally an outsider, well, a turist for sure, bumped into a private party. The contest was nice. They looked so smart and sharp on the horseback and when they rode the horse jumping..was cool and super..well, a bit scared to see people falling down from the horse or lost the control of the horses. 
Met up with Alain’s friends, had some shots in his place and played pool with Tony. I found I was not too bad.  Maybe I was a bit tipsy.  Then we went to north part- Grand Baie for night clubing. We went to three nice ones. The special one is called Buddha Beach. You can’t believe that there is actually a Buddha statue right inside the pub. It is a bit strange for me to see the god was in a club. Well, in Taiwan, we only see the statue in the temples with serious music and everyone dress formal and show respect..and there you only see people go crazy, drinking, dancing..That Buddha definitely has different life than the rest in the world.
The last day of my stay, they came to Hilton and took a short visit at my gorgeous room. This is so cool to meet them and I had a wonderful time there. Many people asked me,"When will you come back? My answer is always when Herblaife open the market there, it is the day we go back. 

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